On a summer afternoon, a goldfish swims in the water, symbolizing good luck and vitality.

The white, elegant clock quietly guards these colorful moments and cherishes these precious memories.

The sun shines brightly, the rain is refreshing, and the cicadas chirp, making the whole summer full of energy. In nature, we create beautiful moments with family and friends, leaving behind unforgettable memories. Every year, summer is always a special time to look forward to because it brings endless joy and happiness. Let's seize the beauty of the moment and be as energetic as the goldfish, igniting the spirit of this hot season.

Recreating a design inspired by nature, we have collected nine goldfish swimming leisurely.

Goldfishes swim freely with their beautiful long tails, in gestures of delicacy and elegance. They swim with no rush, they swim away from all earthly noise. Their elegant rhythm freezes the moment into forever.

In many cultures, the number nine means flourishing fortune.The goldfish represents lucky and rich. Nine goldfish are a symbol of permanent prosperity and abundance.

On haoshi Goldfish Clock floats both passing time and static goldfish. As time goes by, shadows dance and change underneath the sun.In a world of constant movement,the goldfish clock records happiness with you in every single second.Let these graceful creatures bring positive energy and good fortune into your space, elevating the ambience with their mesmerising presence.