The renowned interior photographer Jamie Yelo has a distinctive style

His studio is located in northern Taiwan, where he continues to create stunning imagery, turning these works into stories, columns, and publications. Through his classic and modern photographic pieces, Jamie showcases rich details while highlighting his sensitivity and sensibility towards nature and beauty.

Jamie, who has a deep passion for creativity, channels his enthusiasm into various mediums, be it through photography, clay, building blocks, flour, or twigs. We fell in love with his distinctive style and mysterious universe and knew we wanted to learn more about him.

A sunny spring afternoon back we had a chat with Jamie and a peek into his studio in Taipei. We were curious to find out what inspires his on a daily basis and to learn about his moments of flower arranging with the tree vase.

Bringing Your Passion into Daily Life, Turning Life into Art

"I've always believed that when you integrate the things you love into your everyday life, it enriches life and enhances creativity," Jamie expressed. His eyes sparkled with a profound passion for art.

Continuing, he shared his insights, stating, "To me, flower arrangement is akin to a meditative process. When I sit down and prepare to arrange flowers, I immerse myself entirely, focusing on the selection and placement of each flower. This process slows me down, allowing me to embrace the various emotions of the moment."

We can sense Jamie's enthusiasm and love as he sees every moment in life as an opportunity for artistic expression.”

Embracing Nature's Selection: Exploring the Unique Materials of Each Season

"When I first encountered this Tree vase, my instinct told me it was a captivating piece of art. It appeared mysterious and somewhat challenging. Yet, I was also perplexed, unsure of how to begin. This vase is unlike the majority I've seen before; most vases don't differ significantly once you insert flowers. However, the Tree vase is extraordinary. Every interaction with it is filled with surprises, sometimes even surpassing my expectations," he explained and continued to share his experiences with us.

"What's fascinating is that in the past, I used to meticulously select flower materials and experiment with combinations. But as I'm not a professional florist and my knowledge of floral materials is limited, the results of my arrangements didn't vary much. However, this tree vase gave me the feeling that even with the same materials, everyone can create entirely different works. During the flower arranging process, I can freely adjust the angles of the flowers, allowing the vase to present a completely different appearance."

Therefore, Jamie opted for a new approach, choosing to venture directly into the mountains and experience the materials that each season's nature provides. Instead of adhering to the traditions of floristry and expertly crafted arrangements, he took what nature offered in each season as his source of inspiration.

Transforming Every Blossom Into Beauty

In our creative process, we always start with a scene or a feeling. While we strive to create beautiful tangible objects, we also infuse our emotions into our work. Inspired by the natural landscapes and changing seasons we encountered during our travels up north, we wanted to make a decorative vase that should function as a work of art in the home..

We've continuously pursued a balance in our work, seeking both serenity and beauty while exploring more artistic and creative aspects. We firmly believe that creativity lies at the intersection of utility and innovation.

The design of our tree trunk vase draws its inspiration from the primitive shapes of trees found in nature. It carries a sense of balance that harmonizes with the natural world. By simply placing flowers into the holes of the branches, even ordinary blooms can instantly become an expression of art. This unique design allows us to experience the beauty of nature in our everyday lives and elevate ordinary flowers to an artistic expression.

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